Visit our campus to see how our students grow into great-hearted leaders. Join our headmasters on a journey to to cultivate a desire in students to pursue Truth, Goodness and Beauty in their lives.

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Welcome to Great Hearts Northern Oaks, serving grades K-12

Dear Griffin Families and Friends,

It is truly an honor to welcome you into our intentional community of educators and learners.

The Northern Oaks lower and upper school faculty communities are committed to partnering with parents to form greathearted and well-cultivated human beings. Our success stems from striving for human excellence—otherwise known as virtue, in all that we do.

The opportunity for learning begins with our carefully selected teachers, who were chosen for their content expertise and intellectual and moral awareness. Great Hearts teachers strive to educate scholars to desire what is good, true, and beautiful, and encourage the community to participate in and bring such ideals into reality. This is accomplished in an ordered and joyful environment in which scholars have the opportunity learn, build friendships, strengthen character, form life-long learning habits, and create lasting memories.

Our classical approach is rooted in real and meaningful content that traces its sources through the peaks and pitfalls of the Western tradition. We are not romantics, but philosophical realists who believe that the world is knowable, and that strong character comes from humane rigor and good habits of mind and body.  Students learn about historical events, literary characters, stories, poetry, scientific facts, and mathematical proofs. They read whole literary and philosophical works in great depth, and they learn to approach books with a sense of wonder (appreciation and curiosity) and depth of inquiry (questioning).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email GHNOInfo@GreatHeartsTXSchools.org or school administration.


Charles Brogan
Lower School Headmaster

Robert Funes
Upper School Headmaster