Upper School Administration

Our administration team is here to support our faculty and students every day. Every one of our leaders is committed to the well-being and growth of Great Hearts as a national trailblazer in public K-12 education.

Charles Smith

High School Assistant Headmaster

Ext. 613

Vanessa Steger

Middle School Assistant Headmaster

Ext. 613

Peter Murphy

Dean of Students

Ext. 672

Hailey Johnson

Dean of Students

Ext. 672

Rebecca Danét

Director of Campus Operations

Ext. 616

DeAnna Macias

Director of Academy Giving

Ext. 607

Jessica Woods

College Counselor

Ext. 114

Guy Hanson

College Counselor

Ext. 115

Kimberly Peth

Upper School Nurse

Ext. 610

Rossanna Diaz-Knack

Business Clerk

Ext. 569

Jamie Wilkinson


Christopher Camacho

Facilities Tech

Napoleon Brown

Facilities Tech Assistant

Upper School Intervention

Our intervention team is dedicated to fostering our students' perseverance through courage and introspection.

Cristyn Jagge

Special Education Coordinator

Ext. 525

Mariana Melo

504 Coordinator

Ext. 133

Luke Mayeux

Campus Counselor

Risa Alonso

ESL Program Coordinator

Anna Gardner

Reading Intervention/Dyslexia

Shannon Atchison

Special Education Lead

Brittany Austin

Special Education Lead

Shawn Schnick

Special Education Apprentice

Emily Bereswill

Special Education Apprentice

Gaetano Carvelli

Special Education Apprentice

Dana Hofmann-Martinez

Special Education Lead

Kristi Hughes

Special Education Lead

April Lovette

Math Intervention

Upper School Faculty

Our teachers are the daily leaders and shapers of intellectual and moral culture on campus.

Clay Carpenter

Humane Letters/US History

Jalen Cates

Physics I/Calculus

Eric Drake

Physics II/Calculus I

Samuel Goen

Earth Science

Kayla Howard

Life Science/Earth Science

Rashaun Jackson

Physical Education

Halyna Kunasz

Humane Letters/Ancient Greek History

Nina Laville

Literature & Composition

Emily Linz

Humane Letters/European History

Eric Loster

Humane Letters/European History

Martha McCafferty

Literature & Composition/Earth Science

Sarah McCafferty

Humane Letters/Ancient History/LitComp

Matthew Mortis


Dr. Caroline Paddock

Humane Letters/Ancient Greek History

Christopher Rogers

US History/PE/HS Basketball

Dr. Alexander Shaeffer


Matthew Shirk


Madison Slaughter

Physical Education

Peter Stankiewicz


Brandi Teague

Algebra II/Trigonometry

Chris Tsakopulos

Pre-Algebra/Algebra I

William Walker

Life Science

Brian Warczinsky


Shane Williams

Humane Letters/Literature & Composition


Leading Great Hearts athletes toward the highest standards of integrity and sportsmanship

Todd Ladd

Athletics Director

Ext. 656

Pete Martinez

Assistant Athletic Director

Ext. 656

Carolina Hunter

MS Girl's Soccer