Books & Supply List

Textbooks & Classics to Keep

At the beginning of the academic year, Upper School textbooks are issued to each student to use at home for the remainder of the year. The issued textbooks are to be returned in acceptable condition at the end of the year.

2023-2024 Textbook List (Upper School)

It is the tradition of Great Hearts academies to inspire students to develop a personal library of literary classics they can keep, annotate and return to throughout their academic careers. Therefore we encourage parents to purchase these “Classics to Keep” so that students may graduate with an impressive library of literary masterpieces.

So that all students use the text aligned with the class and curriculum, families are asked to purchase texts with the exact ISBN provided.  This helps students to follow along with the text together. Below are the links to the lists for this coming academic year.

“Classics to Keep” 2023-2024 (Lower School)

“Classics to Keep” 2023-2024 (Upper School)

School Supplies

School supplies may be purchased at the beginning of the school year through 1st Day School Supplies. If you believe that you qualify for financial assistance, please contact Rebecca Danet.

Supply List 2023-2024 (Lower School)

Supply List 2023-2024 (Upper School)